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1-8414 Documentum Life Sciences Quality and Manufacturing v4.1

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Duration: 2 days

The OpenText Documentum Quality and Manufacturing (Documentum Q&M) solution, part of the OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences solution suite, enables Life Sciences organizations to control quality and manufacturing documents, automate workflows across the extended enterprise, and ensure compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Documentum Q&M provides governance, tools, document control functionality, and embedded life sciences industry models. This solution includes:

  • Predefined industry-standard data models, dictionaries, and taxonomies
  • Enables Title 21 CFR PART 11 compliance including electronic signature capabilities
  • Automated policy enforcement and audit trails
  • Automated document routing
  • Document overlays and watermarks tailored to business needs
  • Flexible lifecycles and workflows with four levels of control to streamline approval
  • Change request form and process to support document change control practices
  • Simplified document handling based on metadata and policy inheritance
  • Product and project library management for business owners to reduce IT dependencies
  • Enforced signatures in review and approval tasks ensures compliant policies and simplifies the document approval process
  • Enforced business rules, such as rules for review and approval, periodic review, and training workflows
  • View, export, and print control for managing controlled documents

The Life Sciences: Quality & Manufacturing course provides a comprehensive functional overview of Documentum Q&M. Participants will explore Life Sciences workflows, lifecycles, auditing, and search features. It is designed to train key business users and business administrators in the core functionality of the solution so they may help to refine system requirements, perform system evaluation testing, and assist in the training of end users.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the features and benefits of the Life Sciences solution suite
  • Describe the scope of the solution
  • Explain control categories
  • Create controlled documents
  • Route documents for review and approval
  • Search for documents
  • Describe change request behavior
  • Perform additional configurations

Delivery Options:

  • Instructor-led
    • Public: See scheduled public classes below
    • Private: Email Us for information on how you can arrange a private class.



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