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OpenText - eDOCS DM v16.2 Administration Certification Exam

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Duration: 2 hours

The exam for Open Text - eDOCS DM Certification validates that the successful candidate has achieved a professional level of expertise, and demonstrates technical competency in the following areas:

  • Successfully installing Open Text eDOCS - DM.
  • Creating and configuring users, libraries and indexes.
  • Implementing security for groups and users Creating and maintaining Open Text eDOCS - DM objects, and implementing access control.
  • Integrating Open Text eDOCS - DM with other extensions and applications, including DM Webtop and DM Extensions for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer.


System Administrators / Implementers


To achieve the Open Text eDOCS DM Certification, candidates are strongly recommended to first complete the course:

In addition, it is recommended that candidates have attained a level of hands-on, real-world experience with the product.


Certification Exam Format

The Open Text - eDOCS DM Certification Exam consists of 75 questions. The test time limit is 2 hours. A passing score is 80% or better, which equates to 60 out of 75 correct answers. The test includes question formats such as multiple choice, choose all that apply, and true or false.

The exam is open book. Candidates may use any notes and course materials. The only material not allowed is a copy of the test or its questions/answers in any format. Exam participants are also restricted from discussing the exam with any outside parties or other exam participants during the specified testing period.


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