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1-0186 Managing Documents and Collaborating in Content Server v16

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Duration: 4 days

This course provides you with the knowledge necessary to manage your organization's information and collaborate with your team members in Content Server. It provides a thorough understanding of document management functionality such as adding/accessing documents, copying/moving, deleting and restoring the documents. It also presents a thorough understanding of the various collaboration tools you have available to share, distribute, and manage information in your organization.

To help organize and find documents more easily, you will build collections, use shortcuts, and track important versions with generations. You will learn to use search tools, and find information using metadata, such as categories and attributes, and facets. Additionally, Enterprise Connect, the desktop interface, will be used to add, access, and search for documents.

You will work with discussions to collect and share information, polls to help you to take a quick survey of a group’s viewpoint, and task lists to help conquer your “things-to-do” action lists which can also be assigned to other team members. You will discover how you can use channels when you need to broadcast information to your organization or certain departments. As you collaborate with your team members you will work with projects, Workflows, and Integrated Social which brings social capabilities to Content Server in a secure manner. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand document management permissions, and how to tailor your content server environment.


  • Find information fast using collections, shortcuts, versions, and generations
  • Work with users and groups
  • Initiate and manage work processes
  • Set up projects

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Navigate throughout Content Server
  • Add documents/folders to Content Server
  • Add major and minor versions to documents
  • Work with compound documents
  • Send and view emails using the Zip & Email feature
  • Add emails to a Content Server folder
  • Build a collection
  • Create a category with attributes/attribute sets
  • Apply a category to a folder
  • Create custom columns
  • Create a virtual folder
  • Search for information
  • Create search forms
  • Save search queries
  • Control access to information
  • Assign eDiscovery rights
  • Personalize your user environment
  • Access and work with documents/folders in the Smart UI
  • Access and work with documents/folders in Enterprise Connect
  • Configure users and groups
  • Set a group leader
  • Use a workflow
  • Reassign a workflow task
  • Process the workflow steps
  • Create a discussion, channel, task list and poll
  • Set up a project
  • Configure project template
  • Add comments in Pulse
  • Use Pulse in the Smart UI
  • Follow a colleague in Pulse
  • Configure general and specific notifications
  • Modify a folder presentation
  • Create custom views





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Per Student at OpenText Site GBP  2,200.00 
Per Student at OpenText Site SEK  23,600.00 
Per Student at OpenText Site SGD  3,200.00 
Per Student at OpenText Site USD  3,580.00 
Per Course at Customer Site USD  18,000.00 
Per Student at OpenText Site ZAR  28,800.00 

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