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3-3422 OpenText Web Experience Management System Administration v16

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Duration: 4 Days

This course prepares new Web Experience Management (WEM) system administrators for planning and carrying out Web Experience Management implementations. The course explores the functional and software architecture of the Web Experience Management platform including example topologies.

In the Web Experience Management System Administration course students learn to install and configure the various Web Experience Management system components. Students also gain valuable hands-on experience with the different Web Experience Management tools such as the Runtime Services Console, the Configuration Console, the Job Console, as well as the Management Console.

As part of the course, students learn to manage Web Experience Management sub-systems including security, workflow, and publishing.


  • Install WEM 16
  • Specific task-driven activities for system administrators
  • Using skip-level upgrades
  • Installing and using Content Tools and the Password Change Tool

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Plan, install and configure a WEM implementation
  • Learn the WEM system architecture in detail
  • Create and manage projects, files and database backed Content Items
  • Create a file source and file source scan
  • Configure a new split content database
  • Install and configure the Content Delivery Services
  • Administer WEM authorization and navigate the LDAP directory server
  • Use the Workflow Console to manage workflow process instances and tasks
  • Publish and deploy content to sites
  • Use the Job Console to troubleshoot publishing and deployment issues
  • Export and Import Web Experience Management objects
  • Use the WEM Consoles to manage the Web Experience Management Services and configurations


System administrators, application administrators and technical architects


  • Prior knowledge of basic administration functions is assumed.
  • Basic understanding of Databases, Application Servers and LDAP Directory Servers is recommended.
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