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3-4235 Assure for Case Management Administration v9.3

Duration: 2 days

This course provides the knowledge and ability to perform all aspects of Assure for Case Management Work Center and Service Center administration.

The course provides users with an understanding of the types of Work Center and Service Center administration that are required on a daily basis. For Work Center this includes managing users, passwords, roles, support team assignments, accounts and contacts. It also includes Business Activity Monitoring, Process Monitoring and To-Do List management. For Service Center, daily administration includes managing accounts, contacts, Service Center roles and monitoring service level metrics (SLAs).

The course also provides users with an understanding of the requirements to set up and configure the Work Center and Service Center and modify the configurations when applications are implemented or updated and when the Work Center or Service Center must be enhanced to support changing user requirements.

The course also enables participants to provide training and guidance to other users.


  • Complete coverage of Assure for Case Management Work Center administration functions - The Work Center is the interface for all internal users who handle Case processing, management and administration. The interface is tailored to different types of users using the OpenText Smart Business Workspace which provides configurable Pages and Widgets.
  • Complete coverage of Assure for Case Management Service Center administration - The Service Center provides web portal for all external users (clients, partners, remote employees) who initiate and monitor Cases and provide supporting documentation. The interface is tailored to different types of users using configurable Web Pages, Menus and Web Parts.

On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Administer Work Center configuration options (Smart Business Workspace Pages and Widgets)
  • Manage Departments, Users, Roles, Privileges and Support Teams
  • Use Business Activity Monitoring reports
  • Use Process Monitoring reports
  • Administer Settings and Codes using Administration Forms
  • Search for Cases using various criteria
  • Create Services, and Service Level Agreement metrics
  • Administer Base Data and System Settings using the Data Maintenance Record
  • Administer Service Center configuration
  • Manage Service Center Accounts, Contacts (Users) and Roles
  • Administer Service Center Pages
  • Administer Service Center Menus
  • Administer Service Center Roles
  • Administer Service Center Web Parts
  • Administer Service Center Quick Links
  • Explain Administering Email Functions
  • Explain Customizing Service Center Pages


Users who will be responsible for performing Assure for Case Management administration functions for the Work Center and Service Center including managing users, roles, teams, accounts, contacts, and system configuration.



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