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3-4903 Process Platform Administration v10.7

Duration: 4 days

This four-day hands-on course covers the latest evolution in the Process Platform component of the OpenText Process Suite. Process Platform provides a Business Process Management (BPM) solution on a single platform. It is designed to bring the business and IT worlds together by enabling organizations to design, execute, monitor, change, and continuously optimize their critical business processes and operations.

The focus of this course is to enable new and existing Process Platform Administrators to install, administer and configure Process Platform.


  • OpenText Process Platform, its components, and Process Platform administration at a high level
  • Install CARS and Process Platform
  • Perform system configuration functions on Process Platform
  • Explain Process Platform backup and restore considerations and actions
  • Create and assign users to roles and teams
  • Describe and test Web services and the SOA grid in Process Platform
  • Investigate logs and explain the logging framework of Process Platform
  • Describe the process of integrating an identity provider with Process Platform
  • Deploy applications to Process Platform

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Overview of Process Platform and Process Platform administration tasks
  • Plan for and install Process Platform and CARS
  • Configure CARS and Process Platform Services
  • Explain the process of backing up and restoring CARS and Process Platform
  • Manage Process Platform and system organizations
  • Manage Process Platform users, roles, teams, and work lists
  • Describe Process Platform Web Services and the SOA grid
  • Explain message routing on the SOA grid
  • View Process Platform logs and configure the Process Platform alert system
  • Deploy applications in Process Platform
  • Administer Process


Intermediate to Advanced Administrators


  • General IT background and
  • 4-4905 Process Platform Fundamentals


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