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4-2315 OpenText InfoFusion Integration Center Boot Camp v10.x

Duration: 5 days

This five-day hands-on course is designed for OpenText InfoFusion Integration Center developers looking to install and configure the product as well as develop projects with OpenText InfoFusion Integration Center (formerly OTIC), including ECM (Content Server) migration projects. Integration Center is the OpenText universal integration solution that accesses, transforms, enriches, cleanses, and directs information across the entire spectrum of enterprise systems and applications. Participants will learn the basics of Integration Center, its installation requirements, how to set up the server and client components, and how to develop projects within its integrated Designer environment.


  • Get an introduction to Integration Center, its server and client components, and its installation and configuration
  • Create Modules, Projects, Datasets, Connections, and the other Integration Center tools designing and building two real-life projects (one general project and one Content Server migration project) throughout the course
  • Learn and implement advanced concepts such as parallel processing, submodules, handling invalid data, and XML objects
  • Plan a real life Content Server migration project and how to break it into stages using certain tools inside the Integration Center Designer environment
  • Create ECM Objects, repositories, documents, and folders
  • Retrieve and store metadata from source data to create Content Server folder structures
  • Migrate documents into the Content Server folders

Course Objectives:
On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and key features of Integration Center
  • Plan, install, and configure Integration Center server and client components
  • Develop Projects, Modules, and Processes
  • Consolidate data based on criteria using Datasets
  • Perform dataset aggregation to summarize data sources
  • Create and use Exceptions for error trapping techniques, including rollbacks
  • Migrate documents from a file system (in sample project) into Content Server
  • Create and implement various ECM Objects in Integration Center
  • Create data flow and dependency graphs


    Intermediate to Advanced Developers


  • Previous experience with Microsoft Windows
  • An understanding of relational databases and XML is helpful and will ensure that students get more out of this course.


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