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3-0136 What's New in OpenText Content Server 10.5

Duration: 2 days

This new course exposes students to many of the new and updated features in Content Server 10.5. The course will introduce many new features the end-user will encounter, such as Drag and Drop using the Browse View, validation for login and for the names of Content Server items, quickly selecting the last Search Results, and many other Search enhancements. Other functionality discussed includes: Transport, additional Login policies, Audit Administration and other Administration related changes. This course is intended for consultants and administrators looking to update their knowledge as well as those certified on version 10 looking to recertify for version 10.5.


  • Introduce new User enhancements
  • Configure Transport and Transport items between Content Server systems
  • Explore Cluster Agent and Patch Management, System Administration, and Search Administration
  • Introduce LiveReport Extensions and WebReports
  • Review Upgrade Central and other Content Server upgrade resources

Course Objectives: On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe and use new features and functionality in Content Server 10.5
  • Describe several enhanced features available with Content Server Updates 1 through 13


Business Consultants and Administrators


  • Basic understanding of SQL to query the database when writing reports
  • 1-0101 Knowledge Fundamentals or equivalent experience
  • 3-0126 OpenText Content Server System and Search Administration or equivalent experience


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