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6-5009 EIM Adoption Strategy Workshop

Duration: 2 days

The EIM Adoption Strategy one-day workshop guides your core team through the key adoption decisions that you should consider as part of an effective deployment plan or as the route to diagnose adoption issues with existing deployments.

Reluctant users? Unmanaged content? Are users working around the system instead of within it? Reverting to old habits? The lack of effective adoption is the single largest factor impacting the ROI of an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) investment. While much energy is spent deploying your technology solution, deployment is only the first step in the adoption evolution process.

Adoption means changing people's behaviour and making collaboration and information management integral to the way they work. The best laid planning, deployment and up-front training can still be challenged and derailed by reluctant users, evolving processes and organizational dynamics. The human factor drives the success of any system deployment. Your success is measured by the extent to which people embrace and incorporate new practices and behaviors into their daily work routines; adopt and adapt the technology for their purpose.

Workshop Components: The workshop is composed of four parts - each combing presentations, learning activities, videos, group work, and discussion to foster a greater understanding of adoption and change management.

  • Part 1 - Adoption and Managing Resistance to Change
  • Part 2 - Adoption is a Journey
  • Part 3 - Design and Plan for Behavior Change
  • Part 4 - Adoption Assessment
  • Adoption Strategy Workshop Wrap-up: Adoption to Adaption


Executive sponsors and stakeholders, project managers and the project implementation team, knowledge champions, business analysts, power users/super users, training professionals, and business consultants.


It will be beneficial to bring to the workshop:

  • An understanding of your information management visioning.
  • An understanding of one of your business processes in order to be able to describe and discuss the process.
  • Conduct one to two interviews with your users. OpenText will provide a template of questions to ask your business users.


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