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4-4906 OpenText Cordys Developing Services 4.3

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Duration: 3 days

This course is about using, designing and developing web services in OpenText Cordys. The main focus of the course is on the WS-AppServer component of OpenText Cordys, but also using existing external services, creating services on existing Java code and using business processes as services is part of the course. Next to that students will be setting up a development environment as used by OpenText Cordys project teams. This includes setting up a special project environment to optimally develop, test and debug Java code in combination with OpenText Cordys.


  • Introducing Web Services
  • WS-AppServer Package
  • Development Environment
  • Working with Classes
  • Customizing Classes


Developers, Technical Leads, Architects


  • OpenText Cordys Fundamentals.
  • Some experience in Java programming and/or an Object Oriented development environment.


    Course Objectives: On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Generate Web Services based on Java code
    • Explain the WS-AppServer Package architecture
    • Set up and configure a development environment
    • Create custom classes
    • Configure WS-AppServer package dependencies
    • Use chaining of Web Service Operations
    • Generate Web Services based on existing services
    • Generate basic WS-AppServer Web Services on a database
    • Use Eclipse in combination with OpenText Cordys
    • Add custom methods to a WS-AppServer class
    • Call Web Service Operations from Java

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    Per Student at OpenText Site SGD  2,400.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site USD  2,685.00 
    Per Course at Customer Site USD  13,500.00 

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