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4-4902 OpenText Cordys Business Activity Monitoring 4.3

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Duration: 2 days

With Cordys Business Activity Monitoring, you can monitor your business processes and related data to make decisions at the operational level of your organization as well as at the strategic level. The architecture of Cordys BAM enables organizations to effectively deploy solutions which can define, monitor, and analyze the business process activities and take appropriate actions in an automated manner, whenever required. In the BAM course, you will learn how to develop the necessary BAM components to monitor your processes and their associated process data.


  • Introduction
  • BAM out of the box
  • Measuring Processes
  • Acting on Process Events


Process Modelers, Technical Leads, Architects, Business Analysts


  • 4-4905 OpenText Cordys Fundamentals.


    Course Objectives: On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Configure BAM in an organization
    • Use and apply existing BAM controls
    • Create Business Measures
    • Create a Process Monitoring Object (PMO)
    • Create a Business Event Response (BER)
    • Create a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
    • Use the Process Instance Manager to look into existing process data
    • Create Monitoring Dashboards
    • Make process data available for monitoring
    • Add contextual information to objects

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