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2-2910 OpenText Semantic Strategy Workshop

Duration: 1.5 day

The goal of this workshop is to provide the customer with the required knowledge about OTCA to ensure the best usage of content analytics regarding their business goals. The workshop will take place over two (2) days and will include training on the basics of OTCA as well as an analysis and discussions regarding the customer’s goals, content and editorial workflow.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will understand the possibilities of content analysis and the trainer will have gathered enough information to help the customer defining the next steps towards the integration of semantic technologies.


This workshop is intended mainly for the content management professionals and the sponsors of the semantic strategy, but should also involve any other stakeholder.




The proposed agenda has been created as a guide to make sure every important item will be covered. As the training goes on, the schedule may be adjusted in regards to participants needs, availabilities or areas of concern.

General Introduction to Content Analytics (OTCA)

  • About Metadata
  • Differenciating data structures
  • OTCA
    1. Concept Extraction module
      Entity Extraction module
      Categorization module
      Sentiment Analysis
      Similarity Service
  • Content Analytics Applications & Benefits
Session 2: Introduction to OTCA Management Console
  • Interaction between OTCA and the Management Console
  • Overview of the interface
  • Demo
Session 3: Professional Services & Offering
  • OpenText generic offering
  • Content analysis
  • Taxonomy creation or analysis
  • OTCA customization
  • OTCA Management Console training
  • Implementation & audit
Session 4: Maturity Model and Customer discovery (part 1)
  • Application - Why, Where, When
    1. Discuss business problems
      Usage of metadata in the current workflow
  • Metadata - What
    1. What type of metadata is used
      On what type of content/assets
      Existing controlled vocabularies
  • Expertise - Who
    1. Content expert (tagging)
      Content expert (vocabularies maintenance)
  • Methodology - How
    1. Internal promotion
      Formal content analytics projects
  • Impact measurement & Continuous improvement
Session 5: Customer Discovery (part 2) and Strategy
  • Recap on the Request for Information
  • Get familiar with current assets workflow
  • Look at content samples
  • Look at existing in-house taxonomies or controlled vocabularies
  • Next steps


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Per Course at Customer Site USD  14,975.00 

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