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2-2927 OpenText Auto-Classification: Enablement Workshop

Duration: 2 days

When it comes to content, we see different stakeholders that tend to be more concerned about the different aspects of Information Governance, which is why it is so hard to strike a balance and also why we often see projects that become skewed to one particular set of issues when Legal, the business, IT and RIM have not been engaged.

In order to achieve balance in your Information Governance programs, policies, and systems need to address the concerns of each of these groups - remembering that “the business” can be looked at two ways - one, their concern in using content to make money, and the impact of policies and systems on end user adoption and productivity.

Introducing Open Text Auto-Classification. Transparent and defensible Auto-Classification designed for Records Managers by the industry leader in Records Management.

As you transition from Deployment to Production Phase, learn about the ongoing monitoring, auditing and maintenance of the Auto-Classification system:

  • Auto-Classification Workflows and Dependencies
  • Classification Model & Typical Issues
  • Monitoring & Audit Dashboard
  • Creating & Modifying Rules
  • Optimization Strategies
  • Review Planning & Process
  • Classify Legacy Documents and New Documents


OpenText Auto-Classification: Enablement workshop is a course for Auto-Classification Managers, Auto-Classification Reviewers, Litigation Support Staff and Records Managers.


Experience with OpenText Auto-Classification.


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