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4-3312 - OpenText Tempo Social Development v8.2

Duration: 3 Days

This course demonstrates how to create, configure and customize online communities that rely on modular components (such as blogs, wikis and forums)in order to meet the expectations of public-facing web sites and portals from which user participation is required.

Each participant is provided with a base environment, where they begin by first reviewing the installation and configuration of OpenText Tempo Social and working closely with OpenText Collaboration and OpenText Portal, they then learn how to integrate the additional capabilities that Tempo Social provide. Participants will learn how Templating works and how they can use and customize Application Templates. Also they will learn how to create new application types and brand Social Communities sites. Students will learn how to use the XML API to interact with the Collaboration Server and social applications and services.


  • Learn to customize both the functionality and branding of OpenText Tempo Social and how to extend and create new social applications to turn communication in your sites into an interactive, productive and engaging dialogue.

Course Objectives: On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Modify the default modular applications and services, and the extensible framework around them, as well as create custom applications or services to meet the business requirements of your organization.
  • Identify the applications and services that encompass OpenText Tempo Social(OTSC), what they are and how they operate
  • Describe the overall Tempo Social architecture
  • Describe the technologies used in Social Communities
  • Installation of OTSC
  • Describe the Customization Points
  • Define and work with Remote Objects access UGC data
  • Work with the Collaboration XML-API
  • Understand how Moderation works
  • Understand how access policies work
  • Use Application Types and Modes
  • Create a new Application Type and corresponding Portlet Type to surface the application in OpenText Portal
  • Work with Community Application Portlets (Forums, Blogs, Wikis, etc.)




  • Basic understanding of OpenText Portal and OpenText Collaboration, Vignette Edition is desirable.
  • Knowledge of JAVA, JSP, HTML, JSR-286 is highly recommended


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