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3-3712 OpenText StreamServe New Features & Migration

Duration: 3 days


This workshop is intended for those who currently work with StreamServe version 4 and it covers the new features and changes implemented in StreamServe Persuasion (version 5). A StreamServe certified instructor leads you through theoretical overviews and hands-on exercises. Areas covered in the course include installing StreamServe, Design Center updates, Control Center updates, StoryTeller and Composition Center.

Knowledge upon completion of this course equals to the 3-3710 OpenText StreamServe Fundamentals training.


  • Installing and configuring StreamServe Persuasion
  • Exporting, deploying and running a StreamServe Project
  • Design Center changes
  • Contol Center changes
  • StoryTeller
  • Correspondence Management

On completion of this course, participants should be able to...

  • Know the architectural differences between StreamServe version 4 and 5 (Persuasion)
  • Know the new features in Design Center
  • Know the new features in Control Center
  • Install and configure StreamServe Persuasion
  • Create documents using the StoryTeller design tool
  • Create HTML based e-mail messages
  • Know how to do transport and migration from one environment to another
  • Use Composition Center to design personalized documents
  • Use Ad Hoc Correspondence to compose individualized documents
  • Use Correspondence Reviewer to review, reject, approve and submit documents
  • Know how to configure a project for Document Broker Plus: the new Post Processing solution.


Consultants, Project managers, Functional and technical designers, Developers


Basic StreamServe version 4 training


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Per Student at Open Text Site CDN  2,685.00 
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Per Student at Open Text Site USD  2,685.00 

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