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4-3135 OpenText Execute360 for Developers

Duration: 4 days

This course provides system architect and developers with technical instruction in OpenText Execute360 environment.

Topics Include:

  • Workflow for Programmers, This is a general review of the concepts and terminology of workflow.
  • Getting Started - The Session, This Module presents information on how to install the Client software, and use it within Visual Basic. The Module also covers how to create the CALMaster object and start a client session. In addition, error handling is also covered.
  • Retrieving Workitems, In this module the collections used by CAL is explained. The module also explains how to retrieve a list of available queues and how to retrieve workitems from a queue using ListNext and ListAll methods. In addition, the module introduces queries by external name.
  • Opening a Workitem, In this module you learn how to place a workitem on the client list, open and close the workitem, save it and send it.
  • Working with Form Data, This module explains how to retrieve the form attributes and field values of a workitem form and update the values. In addition, how to determine the class of a workitem is also covered.
  • Creating a New Workitem, In this module you will create new workitems and add images to document workitems. In addition, the module explains how to rename and reclassify workitems.
  • Viewing a Document Page, In this module explains the various methods available within CAL for viewing document pages. Included within the module are bitmap images, build in viewer, Imaging for Windows, and other third party viewers, and Imaging for Windows Professional ActiveX controls.
  • Index Searches, This module describes how to code queries using SQLView fields and find a workitem in workflow.
  • Folders, This module explains how to add and remove workitems from folders, as well as how to get the contents of a folder and open a workitem within the folder.
  • Workflow ActiveX Design, This module introduces the ActiveX controls and explains how to set them up and the various properties at design time.
  • Workflow ActiveX Runtime, This module introduces the ActiveX controls and explains how to programmatically set their properties during run time.
  • Custom Extensible Worksteps, In this module we will discuss how to create a customized Extensible Workstep for use within workflow and the benefits of using them over other methods.
  • Using .CAL in Workflow, In this module we will discuss the use of the .CAL programming methods within workflow.
  • Optional Modules, This module explains how to retrieve and work with Workflow Variables, Thumbnails, Markups, Notes and provides an introduction to Imaging for Windows Professional.


Suited for Administrators and Managers


  • 1-3130 OpenText Execute360 Fundamentals
  • 3-3134 OpenText Execute360 Server Installation


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