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2-0221 Implementing OpenText Content Server Communities

Duration: 2 days

The Content Server Communities Workshop focuses on the creation and configuration of Communities, with emphasis on the creation/administration of such tools as Blogs, Forums, Wikis, FAQs and Questions & Answers. A Community in Content Server is an online gathering place that brings together a formal or an informal network of people in your organization to share common interests and complementary knowledge.

Communities enable members to:

  • Generate awareness and share intelligence
  • Gather and organize information
  • Find collaborators and opinion leaders

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Plan your Community
  • Create the Community Directory and Community Templates
  • Establish object creation privileges and permissions
  • Create and configure Communities
  • Understand the Community Facilitator’s roles
  • Effectively administer Community membership
  • Configure Community Subscriptions and Notification
  • Configure the Personal Frontpage
  • Navigate and configure the Community Administration pages
  • Administer Community reports and the Community digest
  • Configure and maintain the Community Calendar
  • Administer Questions & Answers
  • Create, configure and administer FAQ’s, Blogs, Forums and Wikis within Content Server Communities


This course is designed for Content Server Communities users including Knowledge Managers, Document Authors, Project Managers, Content Managers and Community Managers.


  • Basic knowledge of using a Web browser.


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