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4-4202 OpenText MBPM 7.6 Foundation

Duration: 5 days

After completion of the first day of class, you will achieve familiarity with the User Interface of the MBPM Designer and be able to use it to create process diagrams. In addition you will be able to describe core Metastorm BPM principles, enabling you to effectively communicate with MBPM developers. You will be able to:

  • Articulate MBPM foundation concepts
  • Present and explain a MBPM design to end-users
  • Create graphical representations of ideal business processes, including process forms and role requirements
After completion of the full five days of material, you will have a good level of hands-on development experience with the MBPM Designer, obtaining the necessary skills to develop a business process application using MBPM. You will be able to:
  • Properly leverage the system architecture of the MBPM production and development environments
  • Develop complete Metastorm BPM applications
  • Integrate MBPM with external databases
  • Utilize troubleshooting procedures in the design process


This class has dual target audiences. Day 1 is targeted for Process Analysts responsible for designing a MBPM application which automates a process. Days 1 – 5 are targeted for Process Developers responsible for developing a MBPM application which automates a process.


Experience in using Windows-based software products and an understanding of business process analysis is required. An understanding of fundamental database concepts (table structure, primary keys, referential integrity, and normalization) and a working knowledge level of SQL statements (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE & UPDATE) is essential. For the full 5 days of training it is strongly recommended that attendees have previous application development experience along with experience using scripting languages (VB or Jscript).


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Per Course at Customer Site USD  22,500.00 

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