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1-4400 WebSphere MQ Overview

Duration: 1 day

After completion of this one-day course, the student will be able to apply a basic working knowledge of WebSphere MQ capabilities including:

  • Concepts
  • Architecture
  • Creating queue managers
  • Administration of queues and channels
  • Diagnosing and correcting problems


  • Day 1
    • Messaging and Queuing Concepts
    • WebSphere MQ Introduction
      • Lab: Setup for labs
    • Basic Queue Manager Administration
      • Lab: Create a Queue Manager
    • WebSphere MQ Objects
      • Lab: Create and Verify a Local Queue
    • WebSphere MQ Sample Programs
      • Lab: Testing Local Queue
    • Distributed Queuing
      • Lab: Setup and Test Channels
    • Problem Determination
      • Lab: Problem Determination
    • Advanced Topics


    Future Administrators, Operations Staff and Developers of IBM WebSphere MQ


    This class is intended for students who will be responsible for working in a WebSphere MQ environment to support Metastorm Integration Manager. This is an introductory level course and students in this class should possess some familiarity with networking and computer fundamentals. No prior experience with WebSphere MQ on the part of the student is assumed.


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