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1-0103-eL Advanced Concepts in Using OpenText Content Server v10

Duration: 6 hours

OpenText eLearning offers you the flexibility to log in at your convenience - to learn at your own pace - right from your web browser. This course covers the configuring major/minor versioning, add major/minor document versions, create compound documents and add items to them, access advanced search, and use the collaboration tools. You will be creating a project and project templates, and configure the project navigation and notification. You will also create a task list so you can add and update tasks, view your task work in progress, and initiate and manage workflows. Along the way you will learn about the permissions for the work items and projects, adding users and groups to the ACL, and applying ACL changes. There are several Content Server components you will be able to explore: OpenText Explorer, OpenText Enterprise Connect, OpenText Everywhere, and OpenText Tempo.


  • Using Advanced Versioning
  • Working with Compound Documents
  • Working with Categories and Attributes
  • Using Advanced Search
  • Collaborating using Discussions, News Channels and Polls
  • Creating Team Workspaces/Using Projects
  • Working with Task Lists and Workflow
  • Setting Permissions
  • Using Content Server Explorer, OpenText Enterprise Connect, OpenText Everywhere, and OpenText Tempo.

Course Objectives:

  • Add a document with advanced version control
  • Create and add items to compound documents
  • Assign categories to new folders
  • Search using the various parameters
  • Use the collaboration tools
  • Use the project creation wizard
  • Create a task list
  • Initiate and manage a workflow
  • Change existing permissions
  • Apply ACL changes to Sub-Items
  • Add Items using OpenText Explorer
  • Add Items using Enterprise Connect
  • Use OpenText Everywhere from a mobile device
  • Add, search, and share items in OpenText Tempo


  • Must be using IE9 and above or alternative web browsers
  • Logins are valid for 12 months. For 10 or more eLearning accounts, please contact for discounted pricing!

    Outline, 127kb


    • Business Users
    • Knowledge and Content Managers
    • Project Managers
    • Administrators and help desk personnel who want to learn about Content Server's tools for Business Users


    1-0102-eL Essential Concepts in Using OpenText Content Server V10 or equivalent knowledge


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