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3-3800 OpenText Discovery Server System Administration

Duration: 2 Days

This course teaches students the fundamentals of OpenText Discovery Server system administration. Students learn the content of the OpenText Discovery Server installation. Students learn the fundamentals of user administration. They also learn the configuration files used by OpenText Discovery Server in the daily operation of the installation.
This course may include instructor led activities and demonstration of OpenText Discovery Server on both Windows and Unix servers. The OpenText Discovery Server Administrator User Interface will also be explained and demonstrated.

By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Describe the basics of the OpenText Discovery Server schema
  • Identify the pieces that make up the footprint of the OpenText Discovery Server installation
  • Know how to create and maintain the OTDS user population
  • Know how to configure the external schema of the OTDS environment
  • Understand how the schema effects searching
  • Understand the security available for controlling access to databases

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  • OpenText Java Toolkit Introduction
  • OpenText Java Toolkit Advanced


This course is intended for those responsible for the installation and general maintenance of the OpenText Discovery Server system.


General knowledge of the OpenText Discovery Server installation and applications. Understanding of the search strategies used by the users of the OpenText Discovery Server application. For Unix installations, a general knowledge of the VI editor is desirable but not mandatory.


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