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3-3900 OpenText Federated Query Server 4.3: Introduction

Duration: 1 Day

This course introduces students to the OpenText Federated Query Server, a powerful federated search solution that unifies access to multiple Internet and intranet information sources and automatically clusters results for higher productivity searching. Students learn the benefits of federated searching, as well as its limitations. Students also learn how to create and use a simple federated search solution.
This course includes an instructor led presentation and demonstration of Federated Query Server and its configuration tool.

By the end of the course you will learn:

  • The general concepts of federated searching, including use cases
  • The benefits of using Federated Query Server
  • How easy it is to search across your OpenText solutions
  • The hardware and software requirements of a Federated Query Server solution
  • The impact on performance of the number of users and the number of information sources searched
  • How to install Federated Query Server
  • The components of a Federated Query Server installation
  • How to perform a federated search
  • How to interpret the results of a federated search, including conceptual clustering
  • The basics of the Federated Query Server configuration tool
  • How to use the configuration tool wizard to search a new repository
  • The basics of modifying the standard user interface
  • How Federated Query Server integrates with Content Server
  • How to configure Federated Query Server to search multiple instances of Content Server
  • How to leverage the OpenSearch standard:
  • Creating an OpenSearch description document for Federated Query Server
  • Using Federated Query Server from the search bar in your browser (e.g. IE, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Using Federated Query Server from Windows 7 search
  • Configuring Federated Query Server to search an OpenSearch server (e.g. SAP, Sharepoint)


This course is intended for those responsible for the basic creation, modification and administration of a federated search solution using OpenText Federated Query Server.


  • Some knowledge of HTML
  • Some knowledge of HTTP, including basic HTTP
  • Server administration and the CGI standard
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