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2-2922 OpenText Content Analytics: An Overview

Duration: 1 days

Content analytics is fundamentally about deriving context and relevance from text and training machines to make correlations the way the human mind does. With semantic technologies, we are able to extract value from assets by understanding and identifying context, concepts, categories, entities, language and sentiment. The objective of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview of the various modules offered by OpenText Content Analytics (OTCA). The presenter will review each module, providing examples of implementation, and explaining how they work and how they can be configured for a tailored approach through additional linguistic services.

A valuable outcome of this session is having the knowledge of what is possible with OTCA to develop a solid content strategy.


  • Content Analytics overview
    1. Description
      Areas of interest (industries, applications, etc.)
  • OTCA modules – How it works
    1. Concept Extraction
      Entities Extraction
      Sentiment Analysis
  • How to bring value across the organization
  • Getting started
    1. The importance of clean content and pre/post processing
      Working with materials (corpora)
      Controlled vocabularies (standards, custom)
      Configuration services
      Technical implementation: what to expect
  • Q&A

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    This workshop is primarily focused on providing content managers, editors and information specialist with a high-level overview. It is highly recommended that the roles that are close to the content in the organization participate.




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