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4-2902 OpenText Semantic Navigation: Document Ingestion

Duration: 1.5 days

The Semantic Navigation Ingestion Broker (or simply Ingestion Broker) is a key component of OpenText Semantic Navigation. Its purpose is to provide an abstract interface for indexing documents in the search indexes. This course aims to understand the many ways and their specifics of how documents are ingested in the Semantic Navigation system as well as the management and available customizations specifics to this component.


  • Modules and content workflow
  • Broker Overview
  • Parsers, Transformers and Processors
  • Interfacing with the Broker
  • REST web service
  • Analyzing HTML and how to apply filters
  • Configuration & Customization
  • Crawler
  • General Overview
  • Crawler workflow

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  • 4-2904 OTSN Advanced Ingestion & Broker Configuration


The primary audience for this training course are Developers, Analysts & Architects. Other individuals/roles that may benefit: UI Integrators, System Administrators, QA & Linguistics/SEO personnel.


1-2900 OpenText Semantic Navigation: Introduction



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