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1-2921 Understanding and Using OTCA Manager

Duration: 2 days

This training series covers the basic functions of the Authority File & Taxonomy Manager and OTCA Manager. The main objective of this training series is to allow users to gain functional expertise using Nstein’s software.

At the end of the sessions, users will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of OTCA Manager
  • Create, import, and maintain authority files taxonomies, and thesaurus
  • Create, import, and maintain knowledge bases
  • Refine knowledge bases for better categorization results
  • Maximize the overall use of OTCA Manager

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This training series is intended for functional users of Authority File & Taxonomy Manager and OTCA Manager, namely indexers and content management professionals.


1-2920 General introduction – OTCA


This training series consists of theoretical and practical sessions geared towards gaining an in-depth understanding of the software:

    Session 1:Fundamental Basics of OTCA Manager
    • What are the basic concepts behind AFTM?
    • What type of information is managed in AFTM?
    • A guided tour of AFTM
    Session 2: Using the Authority File & Taxonomy Manager
    • Creating taxonomies and authority files
    • Maintaining taxonomies and authority files
    • Adding and Deleting terms
    • Adding new attributes
    • Importing and exporting taxonomies
    • Managing User Accounts
    Session 3: Understanding KBs and the OTCA Manager
    • What is the basic idea behind a knowledge base?
    • What are the different types of corpora?
    • How are they used for categorization?
    • A Practical tour of KBM
    Session 4: Building KBs
    • Building Knowledge Bases
    Session 5: Refining KBs
    • What are the different types of refinement available?
    • How do they affect categorization?
    • How can we build our own rules?
    • Hands-on practice: Refining a KB using practical examples
    Session 6: Practical Test – Refining a KB Independently
    • Refining a KB using different methods
    • Testing the KB
    • Discussing scenarios
    Session 7: Looking at Test Results / Questions
    • Looking at the practical test results
    • Providing tips and discussing observations
    • Answering questions


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