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3-2021 - OpenText EFM for SAP Solutions Consultant Bootcamp (formerly 778)

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Duration: 5 days

OpenText Employee File Management for SAP Boot Camp teaches administrators, system architects, consultants, and project personnel how to configure and administer Employee File Management (EFM) for SAP Solutions in a production environment. It also highlights the many beneficial integrations that come ready to plug into EFM. These include SAP Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Success Factors, and Employee Interaction Center (powered by CRM). The capability to extend the solution to OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions for Full Text Search functionality is also showcased.

In this course, the participant learns the EFM product, including customizing techniques, integration deployments, usage scenarios, architecture requirements, and product installation steps, as well as how to configure, administer and troubleshoot the EFM SAP system.

At the completion of this course the participant can elect to take an exam for certification.


  • Installation prerequisites and processes
  • Architecture and infrastructure
  • Integration strategies
  • Mobile Deployment option
  • Web based scenarios
  • Opportunities for customization

On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the EFM technical components as they apply to deployment scenarios
  • Use documentation to install the complete EFM Solution package
  • Conduct basic customer customization tasks, including DocuLink specific tasks
  • Enable advanced functionality, such as Drag & Drop, Document Inbox, XSS integrations, and user exits
  • Use documentation to complete routine operational and maintenance tasks
  • Use documentation to integrate required addon components
  • Create Guest User access
  • Enable the two main workflow scenarios




  • Basic knowledge of SAP HCM
  • Familiarity with SAP Workflow
  • Pricing

    Format Currency Price
    Per Student at OpenText Site €  3,500.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site € - Benelux  3,500.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site € - Nordic  3,500.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site AUD  4,000.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site CHF  5,750.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site GBP  2,750.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site SEK  29,500.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site SGD  4,000.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site USD  4,475.00 
    Per Student at OpenText Site ZAR  36,000.00 

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