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794 OpenText Transactional Content Processing Advanced Modeling

Duration: 3 days

Do you know TCP well but need additional information on using external data in your Documents, storing your Documents within the Content Server (formerly Livelink ECM Enterprise Server) and connecting to Viewer or Enterprise Scan or supporting Multiple Languages? Everything without any line of code to write?

If the answer is yes, TCP Advanced Modeling is exactly what you need. Whether you are a Project Member or a Consultant, this course will deepen your understanding of TCP. It is also a prerequisite to get certified as TCP Consultant.

Process (Designer)

  • Work Queues
  • BSPs
  • Localization
  • Scripting
  • Activity Reports

Connection to

  • Enterprise Scan

Documents (Modeler)

  • Connection to External Databases
  • Content Server as Repository
  • Versioning behaviour
  • Connection to Viewer
  • Localization
  • Auditing


Project Leaders and Members, Consultants


790 TCP Baseline und 793 TCP Advanced


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Per Student at Open Text Site GBP  1,650.00 

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