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2-3430 Rapid WCM Deployment Planning Workshop (VCM 8.0, Portal 8.1) (formerly 4344)

Duration: 3 Days

This three day course is designed to provide Business Users, Project and Program Managers sufficient knowledge about their Web Content Management solutions products to manage installation and configuration as well as to make informed decisions about requirements. Participants will learn about each product, its capabilities and functional operations so they can make informed decisions about how the solution is to be implemented.

As part of the course, participants develop an implementation plan for installation, configuration and administration of Vignette Content, Vignette Portal and Dynamic Portal Modules.


  • Supported Platforms: Be compatible

Vignette Content Management

  • Managing Content: content types, folder hierarchies, file source scans, rich media management, channel hierarchies
  • Managing Users: Users, Groups, role based security, managing capabilities
  • Workflow: Translating current business processes to VCM workflows, Workflow definitions
  • Workflow Modeler
  • Publishing Policies: setting defaults policies, creating custom policies

Vignette Portal

  • Portlet Management: Create configure and permission portlets
  • Themes & Grids: Planning for site layout with templates and regions
  • Navigation Trees: Styles, linking to VCM
  • User Management

Dynamic Portal Module

  • In Context Editing: Preview server content management, Page copy & paste, template and page region management

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  • 4341 Vignette Content: Extending Content Management Applications
  • 3342 Vignette Content: System Administration
  • 1350 Vignette Portal Overview


This course is intended for those responsible for the implementation and management of the VCM, Portal and DPM software and their environments.


Conceptual understanding of IT projects involving information management and information architectures, knowledge of the individual customer installation environment and basic understanding of third-party software such as databases, application servers and LDAP.


Format Currency Price
Per Student at Open Text Site USD  2,685.00 

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