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4-3455 Portal: Developing Java Standard Portlets

Duration: 2 Days

This course describes the architecture of OpenText Portal and examines the supported frameworks for portlet development: PortalBeans, JSR 168/286 and WSRP. Students will evaluate the overall differences and how to choose the best option for a development project. The course focuses on the Java Standard (JSR 186/286) portlet development, demonstrating how to implement this specification to build custom portlet applications.

In this course, students take on the role of Portlet Developers to design, create, deploy and debug custom portlet applications using the JSR 286 Specification and APIs on an OpenText Portal platform.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Perform basic tasks of Portal Site administration
  • Describe the Portal architecture
  • Identify the steps of portlet development
  • Describe the architecture of a JSR286 portlet application
  • Use the OpenText Packaging tool
  • Use JSP's and servlets to generate the portlet content
  • Use portlet, end user and application preferences
  • Write to the Portal logs
  • Understand and implement Inter-portlet communication (IPC) or Portlet Coordiation
  • Expose portal user attributes through the portlet
  • Describe internationalization and localization
  • Understand the scope of the OpenText Ajax Library
  • Implement Ajax in a portlet


Portlet Developers and Architects


Familiarity with Java and JSP development. Familiarity with OpenText Portal is desirable.


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