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1-3201 Vignette Dialog: Foundation formerly (1321)

Duration: 2 Days

This course is designed for Vignette Dialog business users responsible for implementing Vignette Dialog. Participants learn to design, develop, and rollout campaigns (or dialogs). Participants first learn the basic terms and concepts and then get hands-on experience, designing and developing dialogs and campaigns. During the development process, they learn to use the Vignette Script Editor, as well as the shapes on the Shapes and Design Palettes in order to customize a dialog or campaign, using real-world, simulated, customer interaction scenarios. In addition to working with some of the standard reporting features of Vignette Dialog, participants also learn basic, troubleshooting techniques by analyzing important Dialog log file information. Using the Vignette Dialog Console, participants learn to personalize the Console, manage Vignette Dialog users, create Participant lists of customers, and group those customers into manageable segments. They also create and manage personalized dialogs and campaigns using the set of Vignette Dialog tags. Finally, participants learn how to create simple email campaigns and then apply these processes to real-world, simulated customer interaction scenarios.

By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Install, configure and customize Vignette Dialog.
  • Design and storyboard Vignette Dialogs.
  • Configure Shape properties and use real-time Shapes.
  • Personalize Vignette Dialog.
  • Build Dialogs and manage Dialog campaigns.
  • Test and troubleshoot Dialogs.
  • Leverage Dialog’s Reporting features


This course is designed for business users. Typical Job titles include: Content Creators and Campaign Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers Team Leads, Line of Business Managers


Conceptual understanding of IT projects and a working knowledge of gathering business requirements and project management experience for web-based applications is recommended.


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Per Student at Open Text Site USD  1,790.00 

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