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3-3452 Managing Portal Server and Sites v8.5

Duration: 3 Days

This course examines the key features, functionality, and capabilities of OpenText Portal. Students take on four different roles: Server Administrator, Site Administrator, Delegated Administrator and End User; understanding the capabilities and scope of each role. Students will review the process to create and configure Portal sites, users, groups, portlets, pages, and site navigation, as well as defining system-wide settings, perform imports, configure sharing and tailor the site’s appearance, migrate sites between hosts, delegate administrative tasks to users, and localization.

This course will enable students to create best in class social-, content- and customer-centric sites and to easily mashup content from Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText ECM Suite and many other sources into a single, highly flexible and personalized interface, for intranet, extranet, or customer-facing websites.


  • Learn to deliver content-centric sites through powerful content aggregation and to give users instant access to critical business applications, processes, and information.
  • Create sites that increase user productivity, by contextually delivering content from multiple silos into a single source.

On Completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Label core Portal components
  • Create a Portal site
  • Create and use Site Templates
  • Add and manage users, groups, segments and permission flows
  • Create and permission portlets
  • Identify the differences between PortalBean, JSR286 and WSRP portlet types
  • Create Portal pages and populate them with content
  • Create and use Portlet Layouts
  • Create and permission site navigation
  • Surface remote web content into the Portal with the WebConnector portlet
  • Share Portal content among multiple Portal sites
  • Customize the look and feel of a Portal site
  • Delegate administration to site users
  • Move a Portal site from one server to another
  • Localize a Portal site and its components
  • Troubleshoot basic Portal site problems
  • Overview of Portal Content Access Management (CAM)
  • Use Federated Search portlet to create Search on a Portal site
  •  In-Context Management


  • Administrator


  • Familiarity with Web servers and application servers.


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Per Course at Customer Site USD  13,500.00 

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