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4-3458 Builder Foundation (formerly 4353)

Duration: 3 Days

In the Vignette Builder Foundation course, students will learn how to create an application, associate it with one or more data stores, create data models based on existing database tables, and create/format views. Then they will surface the views as portlets on a web page in a Vignette Portal site. Basic navigation and more complex navigation are covered, as well as creating composite views and adding business logic to the application using of business rules.

Students will use Vignette Builder to create and modify database tables, interact with a Web service that serves as a data provider, or create data models based on objects other than existing database tables. In addition, the Students will learn how to import, export and localize their applications.

While examining views, students will learn how to create forms that are either entry forms (for adding new or updating existing data records) or read-only forms. Students will learn how to create reports that are either standard reports (reporting on all records accessed by the data model), reports with pre-defined criteria, or reports that enable site users to enter their own criteria. Summarizing and aggregating report data will be examined.

Vignette Builder is used within the context of Vignette Portal. Before using the application-building tool, students will be introduced to Vignette Portal, enabling them to complete the administrative tasks required to surface a view as a portlet on a web page.

By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Data modeling with Builder
  • Creating Views - Forms, Reports, Charts, and Graphs
  • Auto-populating a form field
  • Implementing navigation between views
  • Creating Calculation, Validation and Web Service Business Rules
  • Creating a composite view involving one or more subviews
  • Creating Roles and Conditions, use them for Navigation and Presentation
  • Surfacing a web service as a data store
  • Importing and exporting applications
  • Localizing an application
  • Server administrator responsibilities
  • Datastore administration
  • Builder Console

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The Foundation: Builder is designed for System , Site Administrators, Technical Architects Line of Business Manager, Application Designer, Programmers, Developers, Server Administrator and Technical Lead, Systems Analyst.


Familiarity with Web servers and application servers.


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Per Student at Open Text Site BRL  2,754.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site USD  2,685.00 

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