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4-3459 Vignette Dynamic Portal Module Foundation (formerly 4353)

Duration: 2 Days

The Vignette Dynamic Portal Module Foundation Course builds on your existing knowledge of Vignette Content Management and Vignette Portal. In this course you will learn to create dynamic, personalized, content-driven Web solutions utilizing the functionality provided by the Vignette Dynamic Portal Module.

By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Identify the key features of the Vignette Dynamic Portal Module
  • Define key terms and concepts associated with the Dynamic Portal Module
  • Manage and create sites, channels, pages, portlets, navigation items, templates, and content component types
  • Describe the Dynamic Portal content and asset deployment processes
  • Define key architecture components of the Dynamic Portal Module
  • Define and modify the Dynamic Portal Module caching mechanism
  • Customize and extend the Dynamic Portal Module
  • Create custom renderers
  • Create Display Views
  • Modify custom grids and styles
  • Implement a Request Context Modfier
  • Build custom content component types
  • Manage content from a Channel Page using copy and paste features

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  • 3350 Vignette Portal System Administration
  • 4351 Vignette Portal Developing PortalBean Portlets
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  • 3341 Building Content Management Foundation Applications


This course is intended for individuals who need to learn the new features and functionality provided by the Vignette Dynamic Portal Module, site developers and site administrators who focus on creating the application framework for content-driven websites and system administrators, network administrators, and IT professionals who need to deploy, implement, and manage content-driven websites.


  • Attendance in a Vignette Portal course or advanced knowledge of the Vignette Portal Administration Consoles
  • Attendance in a Vignette Content Management course or advanced knowledge of the Vignette Content Management Consoles
  • Knowledge of Content Delivery Applications
  • Familiarity with building and deploying JSP and Servlet-based web applications is recommended


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Per Student at Open Text Site USD  1,790.00 

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