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3364 Configuring IDM Report Manager Workshop

Duration: 1/2 Day

In this course, participants learn how to install and then use the Vignette IDM Report Manager configuration interface. The course covers configuration using the interface, as well as the configuration of the IDM Server required to automatically import reports. This course is typically combined with the Vignette IDM System Administration course, but it can be conducted as a standalone workshop. This course combines lectures with demonstrations and a hands-on workshop to reinforce learning. In the workshop, participants will configure IDM Report Manager and IDM to import and automatically index an ASCII data file, to create documents in an IDM application.

By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Install IDM Report Manager.
  • Describe the process of capturing print and data streams with IDM Report Manager to create documents in IDM.
  • Use the IDM Report Manager Client to configure the import of an ASCII (text) file.
  • Configure a process on the IDM Server to run IDM Report Manager and import the text file.
  • Configure an overlay to be used to display the imported documents in the IDM Viewer.

If you are interested in this course, you may also consider these courses:

  • 3362 Vignette IDM Foundation
  • 3363 Vignette IDM System Administration
  • 3365 Vignette Image Capture Installation and Configuration Workshop


This course is intended for System Administrators, Developers, Document Managers. This course will be useful for all those responsible for installation and configuration of Vignette IDM Report Manager.


Prior to this course, participants are required to complete Vignette IDM System Administration or have equivalent experience in configuring and administering Vignette IDM.


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Per Student at Open Text Site USD  450.00 

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