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2-3445 Vignette User Enablement Customization Workshop 3.0 (formerly 4390)

Duration: 4 days

Vignette User Enablement (VUE) is an out-of-the-box training solution that provides users with the basic knowledge and skills required to support, adopt, and successfully leverage your Vignette investment. VUE is a critical component in your company's change management strategy.

During this "hands-on" workshop, you will learn how to customize your VUE course to your specific application training needs. By purchasing the VUE source code and attending this workshop, you will be able to customize the training content, including the Best Practices, FAQ, Glossary and downloadable job aids. Leveraging Vignette standards and guidelines, you can update existing content and create new topics and tasks which are relevant to company-specific workflows and business processes. You can brand the course to match your corporate look and feel, and update your course real-time to reflect new application changes or features.

By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Configure your PC for viewing published VUE content locally
  • Understand Articulate Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker fundamentals
  • Understand the Project Workspace for authoring content
  • Customize Presenter output through the Template Builder
  • Create and add Downloads to Presenter
  • Insert "Show Me" and "Try It" Flash Movies
  • Publish to the Web
  • Package Articulate content for archiving and collaboration
  • Customize Engage color schemes for VUE interactions
  • Edit and publish Engage interactions to Presenter
  • Customize Quizmaker color schemes and text labels
  • Modify quiz properties in Quizmaker
  • Develop scenario-based questions
  • Publish and edit Quizmaker quiz
  • Collaboration strategies and version control
  • Use pre-configured template to capture screens for Show Me and Try It movies
  • Resize project and edit screens based on established design standards
  • Write voice over scripts
  • Record and import voice over content
  • Use pre-built content to expedite development
  • Publish movies with and without navigation controls
  • Download and unpack project files
  • Use VUE storyboards to record gap analysis and design comments
  • Print new storyboards at project completion
  • Archive project files
  • Use SnagIt capture profiles to expedite development
  • Add stamps to SNAG files
  • Create SWF and PNG images based on interaction requirements

  • This course is only available as an onsite training event.


This course is intended for:

  • e-Learning curriculum developers
  • Instructional designers
  • Graphic artists
  • Project leads customizing the VUE training


Customers must own all of the following:

  • VUE source code
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Word (Office 2007 is recommended)
  • Articulate Studio '09 (Presenter '09, Engage '09, and QuizMaker '09)
  • Adobe Captivate 4
  • Image Capture Software (Snagit 9 is recommended)


Format Currency Price
Per Student at Open Text Site BRL  9,180.00 
Per Course at Customer Site USD  9,000.00 

Taxes: All prices exclude VAT or other taxes where applicable (all currencies).

Extra expenses: Customer site course prices do not include instructor travel expenses, which are billed separately.

Reservations: Please provide a minimum of 3 weeks advance notice when arranging courses at customer sites.

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