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3-1524 Web Site Managment Delivery Server - System Administration (formerly 525)

Duration: 1 day

This course is designed to provide Web Solutions Delivery Server Administrators with hands-on experience installing, upgrading and maintaining Web Solutions Delivery Server. Students will learn how to manage a Web Solutions Delivery Server installation, tune it for performance and configure it for backup and disaster recovery. The course ends with a workshop designed to help students diagnose and troubleshoot errors.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Delivery Server architecture and components.
  • Install and upgrade Delivery Server.
  • Manage Delivery Server license keys.
  • Administer users and groups in Delivery Server Administer Delivery Server projects.
  • Plan for backup and disaster recovery Configure Delivery Server to accommodate various high-load environments.
  • Analyze Delivery Server log files.
  • Use a methodical approach to troubleshoot Delivery Server.

If you are interested in this course, you may also consider:
  • 505 Web Solutions Management Server – System Administration


This course is targeted to IT personnel responsible for administering Web Solutions Delivery Server software and hardware. If you have questions about your qualifications or about the course in general, please contact the Open Text Web Solutions Training Team.


Experience installing and maintaining software, Understanding of web architecture, Expert troubleshooting skills


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Per Student at Open Text Site USD  895.00 

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