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4-1503 Web Site Management Server Project Builder Course

Duration: 5 days

This course is designed to provide project builders with the complete technical knowledge needed to create, deploy, and maintain content-managed Web sites with WSMS. This is the minimum requirement for anyone who intends to be a WSMS project administrator.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Create, configure and manage WSMS projects
  • Import and export WSMS projects.
  • Design and administer templates used to create pages in WSMS.
  • Implement a variety of site architectures and navigation structures in WSMS.
  • Create an end-user editing environment.
  • Prepare the project for rollout to end-users using workflow processes and authorization structures.
  • Publish projects to the web in different formats.

If you are interested in this course, you may also consider these courses:

  • 4-1504 Web Solutions Management Server Advanced Strategies
  • 3-1505 Web Solutions Management Server System Administration


This course is targeted to experienced Web developers responsible for the technical project-building component of a CMS implementation, who need in-depth knowledge of the site implementation process. You should be an experienced web developer with proficiency in HTML. Non-technical project personnel wishing to gain experience with WSMS should attend the WSMS Project Manager course only. If you have questions about your qualifications or about the course in general, please contact the Open Text Web Solutions Training Team.


HTML proficiency, Knowledge of XML, ASP programming is helpful


Format Currency Price
Per Student at Open Text Site AUD  4,000.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site CHF  5,750.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site USD  4,475.00 
Per Course at Customer Site USD  22,500.00 

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