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4-1524 Web Site Management Delivery Server: Advanced Strategies (formerly 523)

Duration: 2 Days

This course is designed to provide project builders with advanced technical knowledge of and experience with Web Solutions Delivery Server. Students will learn advanced techniques for parsing and presenting dynamic content generated by Delivery Server. Extending Delivery Server functionality using various Java-based APIs is covered. Students will learn how to configure and use Delivery Server's reporting and analytics engine. Advanced integration topics are covered. Finally, students will learn techniques for improving the performance of Delivery Server sites. This course is designed for experienced Web Solutions Delivery Server project builders.

After completing the Web Solutions Delivery Server Advanced Strategies course, students will be able to:

  • Write custom XSL that formats dynamic content and use XPath to parse and reuse dynamic content.
  • Add pagination to search results and control URLs for dynamic content.
  • Deploy multi-language sites.
  • Tune performance using caching features.
  • Integrate Delivery Server content with external systems using AJAX and integrate content with .NET applications.
  • Use indexing jobs to enable external search engines to index LiveServer content.
  • Extend Delivery Server using Java APIs and write custom Web Components.
  • Configure the reporting and analytics engine.


Project Administrators, Support Personnel, System Architects, Developers.


  • Attended the Management Server and Delivery Server Project Builder courses.
  • Implemented at least one website using Management Server and Delivery Server.
  • Expert web scripting skills (classic ASP is recommended, but a solid understanding of any web scripting environment is sufficient).
  • Expert object-oriented development skills (Java is recommended, but a solid understanding of .NET is sufficient).


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Per Student at Open Text Site USD  1,790.00 

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