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3-0910 What’s New in Open Text Business Intelligence v10

Duration: 1 Day

This one-day course is geared to existing Open Text Business Intelligence administrators wishing to move to BI v10. BI Query and Server Administrators will learn about the newest BI features for BI Query User, Reports, and Admin. Installation and configuration of pre-requisites and BI Server and BI Web v10 software, including the new application server, Runtime and Core Web Services, will be covered.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the new features available in BI v10.
  • Describe and install the pre-requisites for BI v10 Server.
  • Install the BI v10 server and client software.
  • Practice and demonstrate real-life situations for numerous enhancements and features added to BI Query and BI Server/Web including (but not limited to):
    a)Repeating data objects
    b)Including data objects from different databases on the same design window using the new connect per object function.
    c)Set default report security levels when they are published to BI Server.
    d)Creating multi-part exceptions in BI Query Reports, allowing for multiple conditions for each exception.
    e)The installation and configuration of BI Server with Runtime and Core Web Services.


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