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2250 RightFax Fundamentals - Course

Duration: 2 Days


RightFax Solutions Consultants, Implementers, Administrators and Support Specialist


To prepare for the training session, you will need to first go through the online self-paced training introducing RightFax. You will be receive information on accessing the self-paced content once you have registered for this course.

RightFax Fundamentals 100: Introduction to RightFax
Overview of the Fax Server Market and Introduction to RightFax
Session Objective: Introduction and exploration of faxing technologies and overview of how RightFax is the solution for fax needs

  • Module 1: Introduction to Fax Servers
    Introduction to the Fax Market and Fax Servers
    Topics Include:
    • Why Fax?
    • What is a Fax Server?
    • What Does RightFax Do?
    • Overview of RightFax Integrations
  • Module 2: Overview of the Components of RightFax
    Overview of Licensing and Basic Components of a RightFax Environment
    Topics Include:
    • Server Licensing Options
    • Determining How Many Channels are Needed
    • Overview of the System Requirements
    • Understanding Fax Boards
  • Module 3: Quick Look at RightFax Clients
    Simple demonstrations of what some of the popular clients look like
    Topics Include:
    • Enterprise Fax Manager
    • FaxUtil
    • Print-to-Fax
    • Multi Function Printers (MFP)
    • Web Access
    • Outlook Integration


Once you have completed the prerequisite training, should have the basic product background to attend the instructor led sessions. This training course is broken into three sessions as follows:

Session 1: Installing a RightFax Server
Preparing, Installing and Configuring First Steps
Session Objective: Equip an administrator with knowledge to be able to do a standard single-server RightFax installation

  • Module 1: Preparing for RightFax Installations
    Overview of How to Prepare for a Successful Server Deployment
    Topics Include:
    • Acquiring Resources and Installation Media
    • Installation Best Practices
    • Reviewing the Documentation
  • Module 2: Installing a RightFax Server
    Experiencing the Process of a RightFax Server Installation
    Topics Include:
    • Walkthrough of Installation of a Single RightFax Server
    • Walkthrough of Installation of a Feature Pack and/or Service Pack
  • Module 3: Configuring First Steps
    Post Installation Steps to Ensure the RightFax Server is ready for Use
    Topics Include:
    • Overview of RightFax Components
    • RightFax Applications
    • Configuring RightFax Services
    • RightFax Image Directory
    • RightFax SQL Database
    • Fax Transport Methods
    • Physical Fax Boards
    • Fax over IP

Session 2: RightFax User Creation
Using RightFax User Accounts and Basic Server Administrative Setup
Session Objective: Enable an administrator to effectively create and configure RightFax user accounts in a standard server environment

  • Module 1: User Creation and Overview
    Knowledge of How RightFax User Accounts and Groups work and Overview of the Basic Settings
    Topics Include:
    • Overview of User Settings in the Administrator’s Guide
    • Manual Creation of RightFax Users and Groups
    • Understanding User Privileges
    • Linking user accounts to Active Directory accounts
  • Module 2: Importing Bulk Users
    Procedures to Import Users from Third Party Systems
    Topics Include:
    • Importing Users from NT Domains using EFM
    • Dragging User account from an Existing RightFax Server
    • Importing Users from Active Directory using the RightFax Sync Module
  • Module 3: Overview of Users Settings
    Overview of User and Service Settings
    Topics Include:
    • Fax Management using FaxUtil
    • Overview General User Settings
    • Configuring Automatic Printing
    • Overview General Group Settings

Session 3: Fax Flow Management
User and service configurations for inbound and outbound fax traffic
Session Objective: Equip an administrator with the skills and knowledge needed to management inbound and outbound fax flow

  • Module 1: Configuring Inbound Settings
    User and Service Settings that Pertain to How Inbound Faxes can be processed
    Topics Include:
    • Understanding Inbound Routing
    • Routing to Email and Network Directories
    • User Notifications
  • Module 2: Configuring Outbound Settings
    User and Service Settings that Pertain to How Outbound Faxes can be processed
    Topics Include:
    • Creating and Specifying Coversheets
    • Using Billing Codes
    • Understanding Library Documents
    • Creating and Using Forms
    • Using Phonebooks for sending bulk documents
    • Working with Dialing Rules
  • Module 3: Configuring for Maintenance
    Recommendations and procedures for purging and archiving faxes
    Topics Include:
    • Overview of the Maintenance Cycle
    • Configuring Aging and Archiving for Faxes


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