4-1521 Web Site Management Delivery Server - Project Builder (formerly 521)

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Duration: 3 days

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This interactive, results-based course is designed to provide project builders hands-on experience with the personalization functionalities of the Web Solutions Delivery Server including conceptual planning and server configuration. Attendees will learn with a fictional company’s website how to effectively personalize content that is created and maintained in the Web Solutions Management Server and subsequently add search functionality.

In order to deepen the experience, this course can also be booked together with a 2-day workshop during which attendees will set-up and develop a new project. One of our trainers or consultants will always be on site to help and advice.

The successful completion of this course does qualify the attendee for hotline support limited to the Web Solutions Delivery Server product („Project Builder Support DS“) and gives access to our Extranet (see also Support Manual Open Text).


  • Create, configure and manage Web Solutions Delivery Server projects and project users
  • Publish content from the Web Solutions Management Server into the Web Solutions Delivery Server
  • Add implicit and explicit personalization to a web site
  • Extend templates in the Web Solutions Management Server to allow content personalization
  • Integrate selected DynaMents to define content personalization
  • Manage website user and user profile information
  • Implement content restriction/personalization based on authentication or user profiles
  • Add information and functionality from external applications to a web site
  • Improve application performance through tuning and caching
  • Configure the search engine

Course Outline,


Project Builder, Technical Website Administrators


Successful completion of one of the following courses „RedDot Content Management Server – Part 1 – Fundamentals, 501-Web Solutions Management Server: Project Builder or 502-Web Solutions Management Server: Project Builder & Workshop as well as satisfactory experience in using the RedDot CMS or Web Solutions Management Server.

Familiarity with Internet technologies such as HTML and XML as well as basic knowledge of XSLT and concepts of personalization is advised.


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