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4-1504 Web Site Management Server - Advanced Strategies (formerly 503)

Duration: 2 days

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This course is designed to provide project builders with advanced technical knowledge of and experience with the Web Solutions Management Server to create, deploy, maintain and administer multi-variant and multi-lingual projects. Attendees will implement scripting code, share components between projects and integrate content from external systems such as databases.

The successful completion of this course does not qualify the attendee for hotline support.


  • Share content classes, templates, pages, content and assets between projects
  • Integrate content from other sources such as relational databases or ECM systems
  • Export and import of partial project content
  • Make content from projects available to external systems using XML
  • Implement a strategy for developing and deploying .NET applications
  • Use Active Templates to make templates more flexible
  • Execute server-side scripting in SmartEdit
  • Write RQL to simplify complex tasks and create extensions to functionality with plug-ins
  • Use the Web Compliance Manager to report on standards-compliance across a site
  • Implement advanced Navigation Manager techniques
  • Use of advanced project-variant language-variant and workflow functionalities
  • Expose project content as an RSS feed
  • Establish content class versioning


  • Customizing Standard Fields
  • Relational Database Content
  • Sharing between MS Projects
  • Accessing External Digital Assets
  • Advanced Content Class Topics
  • Content Import Manager
  • HTML Tidy
  • Web Scripts and SmartEdit Mode
  • ASP.NET and Management Server
  • Initiating .NET Web Control: Pull Method
  • Initiating .NET Application: Push Method
  • Active Templates
  • Render Tags
  • Sitemap using Render Tags
  • Making Contents Available to External Applications
  • Making Contents Available to External Applications
  • Making Management Server Contents Available via RSS Feed
  • Google Sitemap
  • RQL
  • Management Server User Interface Customizations


Experienced WSM Management Server Project Builders as well as Project Administrators.


Successful completion of 4-1503 Web Solutions Management Server - Project Builder Course.


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Per Course at Customer Site USD  9,000.00 

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