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5-0707 Archive Server Installation Re-Certification (formerly 722)

Duration: 2 Days

Do you have experience installing previous versions of Archive Server and have you previously been certified for Archive Server Installation? This training course is the best and most efficient way to bring you up-to-date on version 9.7.1./10.5/16

Based on the new Enterprise Library Services (ELS) 10.x platform, the Archive Server (Archive and Storage Services 9.7.1/10.5/16) infrastructure has experienced the most radical change in its history and the installation procedure has changed dramatically. This training course will teach you all of the important changes and ensure that you are able to install the new Archive Server (Archive and Storage Services 9.7.1/10.5/16) with the same level of expertise as you had with previous versions.

  • Overview: What´s different in the Archive Server 9.7.1/10.5/16 installation?
  • Preparing for the installation of Archive Server 9.7.1./10.5/16
  • Install & configure Runtime & Core Services (RCS)
  • Install & configure Archive & Storage Services.
  • Configuration using the new Archive Administration Client.
  • Perspectives on installation & deployment.
  • Pitfalls to avoid during installation

Re-Certification Re-Certification The re-certification exam consists of a written and a practical test. The re-certification exam assumes additional know-how as taught in the 955 Archive 9.7.1/10.5/16 / ELS 10 Delta Workshop as well as know-how of the previously acquired Archive Installer certification. Obtaining a certification status may involve further requirements.

Notes The following software is used in the course:

  • OS:Windows
  • DBMS: Oracle/MS SQL
  • Recent version of Archive Server


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