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1-0902 Mastering OpenText BI Query User and Reports

Duration: 3 days

This three-day hands-on course is comprised of courses 1091 – Mastering BI Query User and 1092 – Mastering BI Query Reports providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of BI Query User and Reports.

Highlights include formulating simple and complex ad hoc queries, creating and using buttons, creating and formatting reports, and exporting results to other applications. Participants will also learn how to use BI Query Reports to present data as a columnar table, chart or crosstab presentation, to create calculations and exceptions, as well as customize and improve the effectiveness of reports by incorporating text and graphics. Also covered are many of the advanced capabilities.

This course is geared to new and existing users who will be querying the corporate database and producing reports.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the components of BI Query (BI Query User, BI Query Reports) and how they interact.
  • Describe the elements of the BI Query data model and use them to formulate queries.
  • Summarize and Group data.
  • Work with query results and export query results to other applications.
  • Create and edit super queries.
  • Extract information from several tables in a relational database and restrict the information to specific criteria.
  • Save and load queries and associate queries with buttons.
  • Automate tasks.
  • Create professional reports from query results with reformatted titles and column headings, and subtotals using Standard Reports.
  • Describe the ability of BI Query Reports to effectively present data from queries as tabular, chart, crosstab, or hypercube presentations.
  • Use Wizards to create columnar table, chart, or crosstab presentations from query results.
  • Create interactive reports to make re-qualifying reports easier for end-users.
  • Derive additional information from the database by using calculations and DBMS functions.
  • Generate exception reports.
  • Present query results effectively as charts
  • Use the Chart Editor to customize reports.
  • Create, save and apply styles and background templates.
  • Save, refresh, and distribute reports using scheduling and publishing features.
  • Schedule recurring and once-only queries to run in off-peak time.


Beginner to Intermediate Users


Basic Computer Skills, Familiarity with Microsoft Windows


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