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4-1223 Developing with the Open Text eDOCS Workflow API (v6.x)

Duration: 2 days

The Developing with the Open Text eDOCS Workflow API course focuses on introducing participants to the Workflow API and the tools available to interact with the Open Text eDOCS Workflow software. Through lectures and workshops, participants will use the Workflow API to create custom activities (both using and not using the Workflow Studio Plugin framework), Workflow templates, gather information from the Workflow Engine, import a Workflow, and more.

Participants in this course are developers who wish to customize Workflow and to understand its API or project managers who wish to get a good overview of the capabilities of the Workflow API. Although Java programming experience is highly recommended, workshops provide solution code throughout the course. This course is a good “kick start” for those with a need to extend or customize Workflow.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the eDOCS Workflow Development Environment
  • Describe key eDOCS Workflow API classes such as RemoteWorkflowManager, Remote ResourceManger, and RemoteEngine and their key methods
  • Create dynamic Workflow templates using a Java application
  • Gather context-sensitive Workflow reports via the Workflow API from the Workflow Engine
  • Explain the Workflow Studio Plugin framework
  • Create custom activities both using and not using the Workflow Studio Plugin framework


Advanced-level Developers


Course 1101 – Using Open Text eDOCS Workflow, Course 3105 – Designing and Managing Workflows with Open Text eDOCS Workflow Studio, Experience with Java is strongly recommended


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