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1-1143 Using RM (v5.x) (formerly 142)

Duration: 2 days

This two-day course is targeted at the End-User of RM, a powerful standards-compliant records Management solution.

RM allows you to create an organized, secure environment that manages the complete lifecycle of all physical and electronic corporate knowledge assets from creation to ultimate disposition.

This class provides participants with all aspects of using DM/RM from a User perspective. There is no additional DM or RM training necessary for your User community in order to support their activities following the implementation at your site. Individuals in your organization that are responsible for Administration, Support or Development activities should investigate additional offerings in order to support their success.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    Describe the RM Desktop Create and Classify Documents within RM
  • Using Integrated Applications
  • Using Non-Integrated Applications
  • Importing Documents
  • Making a Document a Record (Read Only)
  • Linking Related Documents, Records, or Files
  • Check In/Check Out and Borrowing Procedures
  • Use Version Control Search and Retrieve Documents, Records, or Files
  • Searching with Profile Fields (QBE)
  • Searching with Date Fields
  • Searching with Full Text (Content Searching)
  • Saving Quick Searches
  • Create and work with personal Folders Describe Document Menu Options and Shortcuts Create and work with Workspaces Use the Navigation Tree


Beginner to Intermediate End Users


  • Familiarity with Windows
  • Familiarity with Windows-based word
  • processing package
  • Familiarity with a Web Browser
  • No prior experience with DM is expected


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Per Student at Open Text Site CDN  1,590.00 
Per Student at Open Text Site USD  1,590.00 

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