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1-1101 Using eDOCS Windows Explorer DM Extension v10

Duration: 1 day

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills they need to be successful using the Windows Explorer DM Extension. Participants will create and import documents and fill out profiles in eDOCS DM using the Windows Explorer interface. They will learn to create versions and subversions when editing documents. Participants will use different search methods as well as create Folders and Workspaces to organize and find their documents. They will learn how to use DM Attaché when out of the office and not connected to the DM Server. Furthermore, they will learn how to customize their DM Desktop and set profile defaults.


  • Create and Profile documents
  • Add Versions to documents
  • Search for documents using various search methods
  • Use Folders and Workspaces to organize documents
  • Use Attaché when out of the office

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Create and Profile documents
  • Import documents
  • Create and Import Versions to documents
  • Use Easy Search, Profile Search, and Hybrid Search
  • Create Quick Searches
  • Create Folders and Sub-Folders to organize documents
  • Create Workspaces
  • Use Attaché
  • Set Profile Defaults


Basic End Users


  • General computer experience
  • Experience with Windows Explorer


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