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2-1145 Implementing Records Management using eDOCS RM

Duration: 3 days

RM is a powerful records management solution that transforms the DM product suite into a fully functional, standards-compliant Records Management solution, creating an organized, secure environment that manages the complete lifecycle of all physical and electronic corporate knowledge assets--from creation to ultimate disposition.

This three-day session, targeted at the DM Administrator/Records Manager, will cover the RM Architecture, the User Interface (DM/RM Webtop and DM/RM Extensions), Installation, Configuration, and the Administration of the RM product family including File Plan configuration.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the RM Technical Architecture.
  • Create and Classify Documents and Records.
  • Search and Retrieve Documents, Records, or Files.
  • Manage Paper Information.
  • Install and Configure RM (RM Server, RM Web Server, RM Extensions, RM Administration Tool).
  • Create the File Plan in the RM Administration Tool.
  • Describe RM Functional, File and Term Security.
  • Define RM Events, Actions and Locations.
  • Describe Import/Export Features.
  • Plan the Records Retention/Disposition Rules.
  • Plan the Disposal Authorities.
  • Set Preferences and Restrictions.
  • Describe Barcode and Labeling Features.
  • Use Report Capabilities.


Intermediate to Advanced Administrators and Records Managers.


Working knowledge of:

  • Understanding of Records Management Principles.
  • Course Using DM, or One year field experience highly desirable.
  • Understanding of DM Administration helpful but not required.


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