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2-1221 Designing and Managing Workflows with Open Text eDOCS Workflow Studio (v6.x)(formerly 3105)

Duration: 3 days

The focus of this course is the two administration tools available to Open Text eDOCS WorkFlow administrators. eDOCS WorkFlow Studio and eDOCS WorkFlow Manager are the two tools used by eDOCS WorkFlow administrators to create/design and to manage workflows.

This three-day intermediate-level course combines lectures and workshops to assist participants to practice the creation and management of workflows. A wide range of activity types are covered and practiced so that the participant becomes knowledgeable in deciding what activities they need to use when building workflows. Participants will have the opportunity to test workflows and manage the eDOCS WorkFlow Engine with the eDOCS WorkFlow Manager tool.

This course is geared towards administrators who are responsible for creating, managing, testing, and publishing workflows for use in eDOCS WorkFlow. The eDOCS WorkFlow Studio and Manager products are covered in this course. eDOCS Workflow is also discussed from the User’s perspective.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and architecture of Open Text eDOCS WorkFlow.
  • Describe the components of the eDOCS WorkFlow Studio user interface.
  • Create and modify workflows in eDOCS WorkFlow Studio.
  • Explain eDOCS WorkFlow activity types available to create workflows.
  • Import and export workflow templates.
  • Manage and test workflows in the eDOCS WorkFlow Manager.
  • Manage the eDOCS WorkFlow Engine with the eDOCS WorkFlow Manager.




Familiarity with Windows and a Web browser, Familiarity with Open Text eDOCS Webtop and eDOCS DM is recommended, but is not necessary.


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