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3-0126 System and Search Administration v10.5 SP1

Duration: 5 days

The 5-day System and Search Administration course teaches administrators, system architects and support personnel how to install, configure and administer Content Server in a production environment.


  • Learn about key installation directories and configuration files
  • Manage Content Server and modular Licenses
  • Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot your system
  • Manage Users and Groups, access control, permissions and privileges
  • Learn about scalability, maintaining and managing instances
  • Learn about Cluster Agent and Patch Management
  • Understand how a data flow indexes documents and other items in a Content Server system
  • Synchronize administration servers and placing them in safe mode
  • Customize the search tools for end users
  • Understand the basics of search troubleshooting

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Configure users/groups and determine their taxonomies, system privileges and access control
  • Assist business users and content managers to use their Content Server environments efficiently
  • Use the Knowledge Center and other resources to research Content Server topics
  • Install Content Server and optional modules; explain various installation options
  • Find key configuration files in the Content Server directories and edit them
  • Install and manage a Content Server License File
  • Use the Administration pages to configure settings related to the Content Server user interface
  • Learn about Core and Modular Language Packs and administering Multilingual Metadata
  • Create, verify, and resynchronize search indexes
  • Administer data flow processes
  • Set up Control Rules on data flow processes
  • Refine search for business users




  • Knowledge of web server administration
  • Knowledge of database administration
  • Networking experience
  • Basic understanding of SQL to query the database when writing reports
  • End User training consisting of either:


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